Homestuck and MSPaint Adventures
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Homestuck and MSPaint Adventures
« on: 12/ 03/ 2010, 11:23:21 AM »
MSPaint Adventures is a series of webcomics/animations done by Andrew Hussie, in the form of text-based adventure novels. The current project is Homestuck, a large-scale comic with animations and Flash game/video segments, great writing, an awesome soundtrack, and brilliant characters and plot.

He has also done three other comics: Jailbreak (fueled by suggestions, never finished), Bard Quest (funny, but also never finished), and Problem Sleuth, which was both done through suggestions and pre-arranged plots, and was finished, and is really, really good.

You can read all of them here:

Homestuck starts kind of slow, but after Act 1, it picks up quite a bit, in both plot and humor.

Homestuck has been going for over a year, and is currently over 2000 pages with animations and games, and updates on average with 5.5 pages a day, so it'll probably take you a while to get up to the current place.

EDIT- Also,
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