Forum Rules and Posting Guide
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Forum Rules and Posting Guide
« on: 08/ 13/ 2011, 02:15:35 PM »

Dun dun dunnnnnn. Actually, I'm not a fan of rules myself, so things will not be terribly strict around here.
These are very simple to follow if you have any shred of common sense, and they're mostly here for people who don't.

Rule #1: Be cool.

Rule #1 is ultimately the only rule, and all other rules are simply a subdivision of this rule. It's an easy one. Don't break it.

Breaking Rule #1 is generally defined as engaging in the following types of behavior:

-Being a dick for no good reason
-Starting or participating in flame wars
-Bullying the new kids
-Breaking any of the other rules
-Anything the mods decide was not cool

Human nature is what it is. We don't all have to be best friends, but we do have to be decent to each other around here.
Leave your beef at the door or don't come through it.

What this and all the other rules boil down to is: Treat everyone with respect.
You'll find that we're much better at doing this than most internet communities, so if you just go with the flow you'll be fine. :3


Rule #2: Don't post inappropriate content..

This is a tricky one, and I hate the word "inappropriate," so don't post anything to make me say it. As for what that means, just use your head. Obviously, anything illegal will get you banned. Straight up. And anything that would get you in serious trouble on most other internet forums will probably get you in at least some trouble here, too. Some examples are:

-Pirated software, ROMs, copyrighted stuff
Pretty self-explanatory. If the feds would be mad at you for linking to it, I will be mad at you for linking to it.

-IRL gore or anything fucked up that makes us want to wash our eyes out
Fictional zombie-type gore is more than welcome, however.

-Excessive spammy links to whatever thing you're selling/promoting/peddling/secretly working for/etc.
Yes, this makes the same list. It's just as bad. If you're only here to sell us something, you won't be here for long. <3


Rule #3: Put it where it goes.

Everything has a place. That's why the forums are split up into categories. If you want to post a picture of a cute animal, don't put it in the music thread. Pretty easy, this one. Don't put your chicken wings in our ice cream.

This is especially important in the case of the Pretty Lady Thread, because doing it wrong can get you thrown out. Some people are looking at this forum while they're at work or around their girlfriend, kids, grandma, whatever. It's none of my business why people are reading forums instead of working, but I'm not going to stop them. And neither are you.

Anything that crosses the line gets you a big scary warning. If it's ridiculous, it might even get you banned. Once again, don't be stupid. We like girls in their underpants as much as you do, but not when we're browsing the books thread with the boss standing over our shoulder. Put it where it goes.


Rule #4: Do not put your penis into the forum's electrical components.

P3ter can explain.

___________________________________________________________ __________________________________


Don't be a dick, basically. That's pretty much it.

If you have any questions or concerns, send an email to support[at]


<3 Topher
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