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Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
« on: 11/ 17/ 2011, 01:35:18 PM »
Haven't made one of these threads in a while...

PSB is an electronic band (typically known under the genre "picopop") from Japan, formed in 1997. They use heavy samples and synthesizers, though are generally pretty experimental and can flow into several genres at any given moment. Their first album (FAKEVOX) makes use of Junko Kamada's vocals, but the second album (CARTOOM!) makes use of several vocalists due to Junko's departure.

I'm pretty surprised I only heard about them recently, since they've been around for so long. Meh, better late than never. I really love their style. I've noticed that the band she takes a lot of influence from them.

My favourites:

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Suzzzzzy Small | Large

Plus Tech Squeeze Box - early RISER Small | Large

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Dough-nut's Town's Map Small | Large