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« on: 12/ 23/ 2012, 04:47:44 PM »

I recently started watching this show, is absolutely glorious. Food Party is a surreal cooking show airing on the IFC, starring the adorable Thu Tran. She makes various food stuffs while hanging with her puppet friends in a cardboard kitchen. It currently has 2 seasons and four webisodes.

NYTVF 2008: Food Party Small | Large

Here are the original four webisodes on Thu Tran's channel.

This is my new favourite thing. Like...of all time. It's like if Tim & Eric had an aspergers baby with The Mighty Boosh in the back of Cibo Matto's tour bus. It's insane, it's super awkward, it's creative, it makes me happy, and somehow the food ends up looking delicious. Thu Tran even went to school for cooking, so it's not like she went into this blind. Wait no, she learned cooking elsewhere, but she went to art school. But still. XD

So yeah. I'm trying to figure out how to get access to the main seasons. I'll probably end up buying the episodes on Amazon. XD
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