FFVII the Web Series
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FFVII the Web Series
« on: 07/ 30/ 2013, 08:04:26 PM »
All Kickstarter info + video here.  Basically it's a FFVII-retelling in a series format because there's no way they could cram everything into a 2-hour movie.

I have to say the concept art is looking really professional.  I hope they can follow through with it.


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FFVII the Web Series
« Reply #1 on: 08/ 03/ 2013, 11:01:38 AM »
Looks like Square had this thing removed for the time being.

I'm not too surprised that this happened, what with them trying to make money off of someone else's property and all. But having said that, I do think the series looks like it could be pretty cool, so hopefully they manage to get this all sorted out.