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The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by redlemon on 07/ 13/ 2018, 11:58:44 AM »
Starting to have to do motion graphics animations at work and I'm starting to suspect I'm not actually capable of any task which reviews complex thought and planning.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by JohZho on 07/ 12/ 2018, 01:35:49 PM »
You took vids? good thing no one slapped your phone feets away into the abyss.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by DougCL on 07/ 12/ 2018, 01:56:07 AM »
still riding high from seeing the pillows yesterday (took some videos on my Instagram). gonna have my review tomorrow, where ill get a better idea of whether i need to quit or not.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Makster on 07/ 11/ 2018, 02:21:20 PM »
Kinda really annoyed that I didn't get a job promotion at the interview today.
Was really prepared for the questions and answered them well. Interviewers said it was a close tough decision and it was just down to one question that a colleague answered better.

Felt soo salty for the rest of the day. I really hope I don't feel this way when I see my colleague tomorrow or when people ask me how it went- it's just an unpleasant feeling
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Topher on 07/ 11/ 2018, 01:47:35 PM »
It's hot out and work is shitty. Looking forward to replaying Captain Toad this friday.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Schabracke on 07/ 11/ 2018, 03:35:18 AM »
Whats up fine people?

I am sitting in front of the library, I have to write down my Bachelor thesis topic and I am anxcious about wording and stuff. I fell like cofee doesn't help that much in that. It's nice out though.
The Arcade / What Video Game Are You Playing Now?
« Last post by Manic Maverick on 07/ 10/ 2018, 11:05:19 PM »
Oops. Uuuuhhh...I'LL GO WITH IT. Hahahah.

Also, the one thing I forgot about were shortcuts apparently. I just never went down the path with the shortcut cause I wanted to do another area first. Ffs
The Arcade / What Video Game Are You Playing Now?
« Last post by JohZho on 07/ 10/ 2018, 02:49:33 PM »
I like "lifecorce"; a full lifecorce meal for the demons keeps them at bay.
The Arcade / What Video Game Are You Playing Now?
« Last post by Manic Maverick on 07/ 10/ 2018, 02:41:18 PM »
Been playing Nioh. I wouldn't call the fighting quite as tough as Dark Souls, but it is by far more brutally punishing when you die. Dark Souls is pretty good about placing bonfires, but Nioh has one single shrine fucking miles away from anything. So you're just caught in this cycle of finding one single hard enemy and then having to retrace your footsteps for miles every time you die. It's fucking torture. Then you start dying to simple enemies because the game has eaten away at your lifecorce.
The Arcade / General vidja gaem discussion
« Last post by Halidar on 07/ 09/ 2018, 03:24:30 PM »
Heard they're just dumping base game, so no free stuffs just yet? kinda lame.

Slightest more interested in GU but I'm not paying full price on that...

 Everything that has come out for World so far outside of DevilJho and Lunestra have been timed event quests anyways. I'm sure they'll catch up quickly so that all of the events can roll at the same time across platforms without problems. And Capcom has done a great job with their last few PC ports.
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