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The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by JohZho on Today at 01:34:30 AM »
take it into your arms, and warm up to it
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Sean on Yesterday at 01:44:47 AM »
Maybe Zelda just isn't for me anymore
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Makster on 02/ 04/ 2019, 03:27:25 PM »
How is everyone?

Dude I hope I can give you some of my good fortune and things get better soon Mav.

Things are going pretty well for me.
Had a weekend in London just catching up with friends (people I've been trying to reach out to for two years) so it was pretty rewarding to finally have that fated meeting to see how they are- and they're doing great!

Found out Kero Kero Bonito will be playing in a pretty small venue at my home town next month so I got tickets for that.

Gonna be having drinks this coming weekend, a leaving meal with my colleagues and uni friends to come up and stay the weekend after next, and then gonna move into my new place.

Pretty damn busy Feb and sadly gonna be pretty damn expensive.

Also has anyone heard Last Dinosaurs (band)?
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Manic Maverick on 01/ 30/ 2019, 10:21:28 PM »
How is everyone?

Silly week for me, technology-wise. My headphones died (and I have neither the eyes nor the vision to fix them), my primary monitor died, and I was dealing with phone issues for like 3 or 4 days and don't want to talk to another human being on the phone for the next 80 years. I resolved the phone, and should be spending an ass load of money on new headphones (not sure which ones, though). It sucks about the headphones cause I was literally about to make my music commissions official when they died on me. I guess 5 years is a long time?

My primary monitor is still dead and I doubt I'll be getting another one until I get paid next. But that's fine, I've been on one monitor for longer than I've been on two. And my tablet can be used as one if necessary. But I'd rather not since I'm trying to finally produce some proper art again and want to keep it its own thing.
Anime / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
« Last post by Makster on 01/ 25/ 2019, 04:37:00 PM »
Goddamn these last two episodes have really shown me how much of a bad ass Bucciarati is.
He looked kinda goofy to me- in fact all of the part 4 boys did but they're now up there with the rest of the JoJo crews. Probably beating the Part 3 crew but not Part 4 cause Okuyasu is still the best loveable idiot (Mista you're a close second)
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Schabracke on 01/ 16/ 2019, 08:23:58 AM »
Congrats on wrapping up Uni Makster!

I absolutely agree on the Venom. Spiderverse on the other hand was pretty much perfect on every front.

I am looking for things that make me want to commit myself. Still have not found something that will absolutely consume me until I can get back into college in April.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Halidar on 01/ 13/ 2019, 02:39:28 PM »
I watched Venom. It wasn't a good Venom movie, but it was a fun movie to watch. I've started doing Ocarina of Time randomizers for fun. Oh, and I've been freezing my balls of because fuck winter.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Makster on 01/ 13/ 2019, 06:39:39 AM »
Hey how are we doing guys?
Things are going well with me; got a last assignment for university under wraps.
This is one last big essay for a long form project and I'm soo glad I made myself do a little at a time on a night after work including references since now I'm well ahead of schedule.

Watched a few movies including Big Trouble in Little China (decent flick) and Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro (sadly not the David Hayter dub).
Wow Cagliostro, is such a fun movie to watch. I don't know like anything about Lupin but that film brings you up to speed with the characters and relationships soo quickly it's brilliant.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Schabracke on 01/ 05/ 2019, 03:23:22 PM »
Happy New Year that will go for a while and bring hopefully happiness and good things for all of you!
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Manic Maverick on 01/ 02/ 2019, 09:04:16 PM »
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