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Games / Splatoon!
« Last post by DougCL on Today at 08:21:06 PM »
i really cant get a handle on the tilt controls so i switched back to regular. its a really fun game though. i can see myself getting addicted to the unlocks and stuff that im sure will be in the full game.

i really wish nintendo would just leave the testfire open instead of scheduling it in one hour chunks. maybe in a future beta weekend.
Readans / Comics
« Last post by Makster on Today at 02:14:39 PM »
Anyone know a lot about X-Men?

I want to get into the series when they were drawing the costumes like in the cartoon show: Cyclops in his blue suit with hair poking out, Wolverine's Yellow and Black, Rogue's large mane with Yellow spandex bomber coat combo.
I've done a little searching and I found Jim Lee did a run in the early 90's with Mutant Genesis so I was looking to pick that TPB up at least. Does Jimmy do any more after this story line?
Movies / Films you've seen recently
« Last post by Makster on Today at 02:10:43 PM »
Catching up on a bunch of films when I had no internet at my flat:

American Gangster: Amazing

Die Hard: Why haven't I seen this before now!!!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Horrible. Main character is really annoying turning the film into onomatopoeia the movie. At least Bruce Campbell is in it.

Shawshank Redemption: Worthy of all it's praise

X-Men 3: Alright. More Ellen Page please

X-Men First Class: Better. Made me kinda like J Lawrence

X-Men Days of Future Past: Best.

I'm thinking Logan is the reason I'm on a massive X-Men kick at the moment
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Topher on Today at 10:19:09 AM »
I dunno, people in this one walk pretty funny too.
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by Sean on Today at 04:39:55 AM »
I'm currently in a different galaxy, everyone here walks funny.
Games / Splatoon!
« Last post by Topher on Today at 04:16:01 AM »
I like the duallies a lot. Kept accidentally rolling when I wanted to jump though, that'd take getting used to. Also accidentally opening the fucking map when I wanted to jump, stupid button remapping. Fun though.

The reef map seems like the new urchin underpass, maybe. Similar theme and setting.

And man, I do not like that inkjet one fkn bit. Like, HEY EVERYONE, COME SHOOT ME.
Games / Splatoon!
« Last post by JohZho on Yesterday at 11:11:32 PM »
bottle crates are amazeballs fun, especially if you lock onto all of em and make em run crazy
The Bear / The Bear
« Last post by JohZho on Yesterday at 10:29:09 PM »
Hmmmn, so I see why they changed the supers as they did, its cause we don't have a second screen for map anymore.

Jets let you see a decent area above, but yet it takes skill.
Games / Splatoon!
« Last post by Topher on Yesterday at 02:21:58 PM »
Yeah I remember during the last one, by the time I was starting to feel comfortable with the controls, it was over.

They really should have some kind of offline mini demo that stays active even when there's not an event. Like, just give me the testing area where I can adjust the gyro sensitivity and run around and get accustomed to the new jump button, etc. That way when there's a testfire you're already good to go, instead of wasting half your hour getting settled in.
Games / Splatoon!
« Last post by Jack Hollow on Yesterday at 01:28:30 PM »
I to am looking forward to the Test Fire. Kinda a shame it'll only be for one hour intervals. That time just flies by so fast.
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