Aryll in the Savage Labyrinth

Posted by Topher on Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 Under Art, Updates



For a while now I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a Zelda spinoff featuring Link’s little sister, Aryll.

After Wind Waker, with the world at peace, Link returns the Master Sword and the Hero’s clothes to his grandma. These are family heirlooms by right, after all. He then goes off with Tetra and her pirate friends, doing piratey things. Perhaps somewhere on the great sea they run into trouble, and to grandma’s chagrin, Aryll takes up the sword and clothes to go rescue her brother.

Being small, she would have some difficulty swinging that sword. Once she has some momentum going she can keep it up, but the initial motion needed for her to begin an attack takes some effort. In some cases it will be more efficient and effective to look for creative methods of neutralizing enemies, rather than relying on a blade to hack mindlessly through every obstacle. Of course you CAN use the sword, but doing so should be a last resort, as it will seldom be worth the energy and may even put you at risk.

Probably not worth fleshing out the concept too much, but it sure is fun to draw.

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