The Rockmelon Shop is now open!

Posted by Topher on Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 Under Updates

Hey handsome, want a TJS shirt? Sure you do. You should head over here and check out this swank selection of Tshirts and hoodies available for the grand opening of the official Rockmelon Soda merch shop. Put something cute on that chest of yours and show the ladies you’ve got a sensitive side.

And ladies, would YOU like a TJS shirt? Well, each of the designs is also available as a fitted ladies’ style tee, or a ladies’ hoodie! Rock some Mrs. Beedog or Marikon and show the fellas in the above paragraph that you’re not about to fall for that thing about sensitivity.

We also have stickers available. They’re outdoor-safe, so you can put ’em on your car, or vespa, or um… I dunno, boat? Whatever is outside right now that would be cooler with a sticker on it. Also, if you buy 6 or more, they’re 50% off. That’s pretty swell.

Also also, each purchase comes with a free hug if I see you in it. So there’s that, too.

Check it out. <3