Working, working.

Posted by Topher on Wednesday Sep 8, 2010 Under Blog, Updates

Pinky swear, he says. Terrible.

Just thought I should update to let everyone know that episode 05 is indeed on the way soon. What’s taking so long? Well, there are a few reasons it’s not up yet.

Firstly, the whole “redoing the entire episode from scratch” thing, as outlined in the last update. Secondly, I’ve been working a new day job for the past few months which has been devouring a considerable amount of my time, so I don’t get to dedicate 80+ hours a week to TJS like I did for the first 4 episodes. Add to that the fact that this one is packed full of human characters that take much longer to draw and animate, and there you have it. The June episode becomes the September episode. Lateness. It’s dreadful and I’m sorry.

But the good news is that this second version of ep 05 is turning out better than the original, so it’s my hope that it will have been worth the wait. I’ve been grinding away at it every chance I get, and will have it finished for you as soon as humanly possible.

As for the front page here, it gets neglected due to a combination of my hatred for WordPress and ongoing consideration of redoing the site entirely, and the fact that – no, really – all the action around here takes place in the forums. The community here never ceases to amaze me with how awesome they are, and if you enjoy the show I invite you to come join us.

In the meantime, work continues and nears its completion on episode 05, and I hope everyone will enjoy it!

10 Responses to “Working, working.”

  1. EffingDrYang Says:

    YAY I am excite for new episode. And Topher, Don’t worry about taking time. I will be here no matter how long it takes in order to see every episode.

  2. captainapocalypse Says:

    Super pumped for the new episode! Glad to hear you’re finally putting down you copy of Ubisoft’s “Imagine Catastrophic Data Loss”. That game just eats and eats your time.

  3. Solgrim Says:

    Yes! Good news!

  4. Manic Maverick Says:

    September, eh? I have an excite! And anyway, it’s good to just know the episode will be out eventually. Any time is a good time, rather than no time. You are be the hard worker.

    Wait wait wait…we have forums?

  5. Seanileus Says:

    Some more love Rockmelon Soda would be nice, but a new post here and there.
    We all know you haven’t got that much time, but we all love you so it’s cool, just don’t make it longer than September or else we’ll all be super pissed.

    I love Rockmelon Soda, nothing happens so I don’t visit much, but I love it’s simply layout, it’s nice not having a crapton of shit all up in my face.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Drakengard Says:

    Yeah, don’t worry about it Topher. Besides, with you being on Electric Hydra I can’t say I’m really all that hurting for a fix…

    Still, I could use some JOURNALISM in my life again!

  7. SuperMario290 Says:

    Hey man keep up the awesome work and everything will come together! Like Manic said, at least we’re getting an episode!

    Oh, and srsly guys, go the forums, fun stuff happens there that’ll make you quiet excite.

  8. Halidar Says:

    An update!? Wicked. Can’t wait for the new episode.

  9. xibalba Says:

    hey hey new post!! :D thanks for the update and all that you do Topher.

  10. stylelessdamien Says:

    Dude we love you and your work so take as long as it takes. Can’t wait for the new episode. Keep up the good work Bro-pher (see what I did there)