The Journalism Show: Episode 06

Posted by Topher on Monday Apr 25, 2011 Under Episodes, Updates

The Journalism Show: Episode 06 from Topher Cantler on Vimeo.


I’m especially pleased to present this episode, as it’s the season finale. It’s also the first one to be available in HD, as all future episodes will also be. (You’ll have to view it on Vimeo to see it that way, though. Sorry.)

This marks the end of TJS Season 1, and it’s the Katamari episode. Couple of things:

1. If you’ve got some kind of photosensitive Epilepsy, you may want to rock some meds, or skip this one. There are a lot of very blinky things happening. Sorry. :(

2. If you’ve got an iOS device, Vimeo has recently released an app, so you can watch TJS on your phone or iPad if you want. It’s pretty neat. It also affords me the opportunity to stop bothering with Youtube, which is something I’m seriously considering, because Youtube sucks.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. You can click the image above or hit the Episodes page to watch it.

Most of all,thanks for watching TJS!! I won’t be taking too much time off between seasons — just enough to tidy up some things around the shop here and freshen up some character packs. TJS Season 2 will start in the Fall, and the Beedogs will be back, with new and improved visuals.

Episode discussion, like everything else around here, is in the Rockmelon Soda forums.

4 Responses to “The Journalism Show: Episode 06”

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    […] has come to a close with a bang. Episode 6 is out and available for viewing now. To check it out, go to Topher’s Web site, Rockmelon Soda, and hit “play” on the video thing. Twelve minutes of quality Web […]

  2. Seanileus Says:

    Maybe the best episode so far, the king is amazing.

  3. FunWithBonus Says:

    Even better than the Street Fighter episode, which was already awesome!

  4. timtheterrible Says:

    I can guarantee that Holmes wept watching this one.