TJS Episode 05

Posted by Topher on Sunday Oct 31, 2010 Under Episodes, Updates


Episode 05 is a tribute to Street Fighter, and features a guest appearance by Capcom’s own Seth Killian. Click the screenshot above to watch it on the Episodes page. I hope you like it.

Please excuse the shitty audio. Somewhere along the line certain parts came through quieter than others, because Flash sucks at everything. That was as good as I could get it without redoing the whole thing. (it’s also off by a frame, but let’s pretend not to notice, ne?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it took so long. <3

And as always, episode discussion and all the good stuff is happening in the forums.

9 Responses to “TJS Episode 05”

  1. SuperMario290 Says:

    Hey man, awesome job on the episode! I know it’s been a long time but we’ve been able to hold out for it and it truly is a work of love and labor =) keep up the awesome work man, RMS for life!

  2. Topher Says:

    Thank you sir! Yes, it’s been forever. The new day job is sucking away all my free time. Not to mention this is the second time I’ve had to make this episode. Thanks, hard drive. :(

    I hope it was worth the wait <3

  3. stylelessdamien Says:

    Excellent. Probably my favourite so far. Totally worth the wait dude, Beedog is always worth the wait. Thanks for another excellent episode Topher. Loved the Oh Brother Where Art Thou bit. Foooooop!

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  5. kalidanthepalidan Says:

    Greate episode Topher! Loved it…best one yet! Your skills are truly amazing.

  6. Solgrim Says:

    OMG it’s here! Will be spreading the word, man.

  7. Solgrim Says:

    Ok, just watched it. So glad it got some Honda love!

  8. hellodrjoe Says:

    I love how this is all progressively getting more and more Japanese.

    Hey Topher, fuck america- Let’s get an apartment in Ikebukuro

  9. CharlieKun Says:

    Vereh Naice!